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I’d seen Shepard Fairey’s work previously, unconsciously embedded into situational backgrounds and, put forward by other street artists as a source of ‘reason why I do this’. But it wasn’t until I looked a bit more deeply into Fairey’s work online that I could the political and moral codes implicit throughout everything he does. Icons, symbols and indexes of popular …

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Justin General News Share with your kids: Vi Hart’s brilliant and dizzying exploration of the Fibonacci number, plant growth patterns, and the mathematics behind other cool, spiraly things. Part 2: Part 3: Re: Pineapple under the Sea: (Source:

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Justin General News A Stop Motion History of the World Created By Kalle Mattson, Kevin Parry, and Friends An arts and crafts history of the world. Written by Kalle Mattson ? SONG: “Thick as Thieves” – Kalle Mattson Kevin Parry – Director / Animator Carla Veldman – Designer / Animator Andrew Wilson – Designer / Animator …