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Social Media Trends 2014 Video

Justin Social Business

Key Takeaways: Vine: owned by Twitter and launched in 2013, it already has 40 million users. Pheed: one of the most downloaded phone apps. You can choose to make your content free or premium. Line: it has more than 300 million users! The strength of this app is its own emojis, more and more teenagers are using them to express …

On it’s way

Justin General News

Don’t worry – I’m just setting up a new website and content structure. Mostly this is because I have more to say than just what get’s put out on my Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Tumblr accounts, and I want a base for my content to sit. This will be it. I’ll make sure this site is accessible and …

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Deep Down & On The Rocks

Justin Music

Hot, Stormy and deep down low. A ‘pick me up’ late night sugar junk sound of the dark streets, walking alone and need somebody. Filled with pent up explosive stammering hooks and a twist of knife-like gun powder: blow away the dust and shield you from the shade.

Run a simple incentivised registration campaign

Justin Marketing, Social Business

I am putting together a competition and to enter it you just need to register. I want to know if there was anything in particular that I should be aware of when it comes to this kind of campaign? Things to consider, mainly around T&C’s: Competition T&C’s should be published and available to view with any competition outreach providing a …